Digital Signage Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Using this calculator, you can compare digital signage solutions to evaluate identifiable costs, both fixed and recurring. By simply inputting the various features of two different signage products, you can generate a cost comparison to better evaluate the various costs and benefits over a specific time period.

Inputs include three main categories:

  1. Digital Signage Requirements – identify the number of digital signage players for an installation, plus the hours, days and years you anticipate your digital players will be operating; you have the option of identifying your local electricity costs based on the location signage will be deployed.
  2. Cost of Deployment – what are the costs of the player, software and any licensing fees
  3. Power Consumption – the watts of power the player requires to operate

Other inputs include whether the player uses a fan for cooling, and the type of data storage. Fans and hard disk drives are common in many digital signage players, but as moving parts they do use more energy and are a possible point of failure.

After entering all of these inputs, click on the Calculate button to generate the results.

The results provide information to evaluate your digital signage player options. In addition to total lifetime costs of the two options, details about energy costs, player and software costs plus the environmental impact of the players will be displayed in easy to understand matrix and graphs. Subscription based solutions may not require you to purchase hardware up front, but the total lifetime costs may be more depending on how many years you anticipate keeping your digital signage installation running. Use this information to make a more informed decision when selecting a digital signage solution to fit your needs.

Digital Signage Requirements
Number of Players
Hours Per Day
Days Per Week
Weeks Per Year
Expected Life (Years)
State Deployed:
Cost of Development
Product 1
Product 2
Media Player Cost Per Unit ($)
Initial Software Cost ($)
Initial Subscription Fee ($)
Monthy Subscription Fee ($)
Energy Efficiency
Product 1
Product 2
Player Power Consumption (Watts)
Hardware Design
Product 1
Product 2
Type of Storage