The following videos show examples of how AMX Digital Signage solutions can be used in various applications including sales kiosks, interactive touch screens, multi-screen ribbons, and emergency messaging. These examples were on display at the AMX booth at Digital Signage Expo 2010.
Inspired XPert
Emergency and Redundancy
AMX Digital Signage features the ability to send an override message to all displays in a facility to communicate emergency messaging such as weather alerts automatically. In this example, when a fire alarm is pulled, it sends a message to the AMX signage to post an alert message.
Interactive Demo
This application shows how AMX Inspired Signage is used to provide a Retail display solution. Digital Cameras are connected by tethers to a kiosk. Signage within the display changes to provide details about the camera when it is lifted up, triggered by a relay
Inspired XPress
Hotels, large retail stores and theme parks are just a few examples where digital signage can be utilized to help customers find their way. With AMX Digital Signage, not only can you provide clear directions in multiple languages, but you can also incorporate product and promotional messaging as well as news, weather and live video feeds to entertain and inform.
Touch Screens
The use of kiosks and interactive digital signage require signage solutions that support a touch interface. AMX Digital Signage can support these types of interfaces and in this example, an Inspired XPress player is used to play three different messages depending on the button selected by the viewer.
Central Controller
Display Control Status
Using an AMX Control System in conjunction with AMX Digital Signage allows a firm to centrally manages all their displays from a central location. For example, a Retail store can power off all their displays when stores are closed to save energy and extend their useful life.